2th June bank holiday weekend: events in Milan

Are you going to come to Milan during 2 June bank holiday weekend and don’t know how to spend it? Don’t worry: the city is always on the move and from our apartments you can get to different kinds of event. We’ve chosen some of them for you.

From 2 to 4 June, at Experience Park.


2th June bank holiday weekend: events in Milano


Flying has always mysteriously charmed humanity. How many of you have dreamed of doing it at least one time? Well, after the first edition at Monza Park, this year the Flight Festival moves to Milan, where the Expo 2015 took place.
The schedule is varied: drones, competitions, balloons and kites will make your day amazing and colourful.

The Festival magic is to remind people of the efforts faced over the years in order to achieve this out-of-reach ability: the creativity that collided with gravity, the determination that created the first crafted hot air balloons, then the more-sophisticated drones and flight simulators.

Three days for admiring balloons performances, but not only: the event provides a show dedicated to the history of flight, from Montgolfier brothers to the deeds by Bertrand Piccard, a vintage bike parade and the chance to taste different culinary delights thanks to the presence of the finest foodtrucks.

The image of the majestic Tree of Life flanked by the beautiful balloons will be a unique experience!

For schedule and information, look here.

From 1 to 4 June, at piazza Castello.


2th June bank holiday weekend: events in milan


Do you want to have a cool delicacy because you’re going to have a very warm day?
On time and expected like every year, the Ice cream Festival is one of the most popular event for 2 June bank holiday weekend.

Arrived to its seventh edition and known as the most important occurrence about the world of the Italian ice cream, it is an “on the road” event with the foodtracks of famous Italian and foreign brands. Among them: Buontalenti, Ruggeri, Caterina De Medici. On this occasion, some special flavours will be made and they are all going to be judged by two types of jury, the experts’ one and the public’s one.
The ice cream world will be enclosed in the charming and historic frame of Piazza Castello, ready to welcome all the ice cream lovers!

From 2 to 4 June, via Bergognone 34


2th june bank holiday weekend


For all the photography fans, we suggest you the opening in Milan of the first official edition of Phifest, promoted by the photographic art gallery Phinest in collaboration with Clinc agency. It will take place at BASE, a multipurpose space which reflects the multidisciplinary and creative spirit of the event.

The show will be made of contemporary and international photographers’ works and activities like workshops, talks and meetings with the artists.

The main theme is journey, which has a twofold meaning: the experiences trapped by the artist’s camera and the people’s experiences through the pictures. So, more than a physical journey, we propose you a mental one across numerous photographic evidences. The event’s title, in fact, is “Travelling without moving”!

We also inform you that the schedule includes the project “30 Shades of Urban Attitude”, made by Mjriam Bon: it plays with a double lens, the glasses’ one and the camera’s one.

A very peculiar show!
The great position of the Residenza Ascanio Sforza will let you easily reach the place of the events you’ll have chosen for spending at your best this bank holiday weekend in Milan.

We wish you a pleasant stay!