Cocktail Bars on the Navigli

Are you staying in Milan and would you like to discover the so-called Milan by night?
When night falls, especially in summer season, streets become crowded and colourful; there are plenty of cocktail bars where to live Milan by night!

Thanks to the strategic position of Residenza Ascanio Sforza, you will enjoy this enviable “show”. Since there’s a lot of competition and the choice could be hard to make, today we’re going to find out some of the best cocktail bars on the Navigli!


Via Giuseppe Meda

Cocktail bar sui Navigli

A sophisticated space with a touch of exclusivity, Carlo e Camilla in Segheria is known for the presence of Carlo Cracco among its founders. Filippo Sisti is the barman, a great international talent who uses a very particular method, defined as “liquid kitchen”. He makes cocktails by baking ingredients or cooking them in the pan, using a wide range of spices.

Another curiosity: the premises are the original ones of the mill! It’s strange, isn’it? If you want to experiment, this is the right place to do it!


Vicolo Privato Lavandai 2

Cocktail bar sui navigli

Located on a very suggestive spot on the Navigli, a small garden dedicated to the “lavandee” which has remained intact since the end of the 19th century, Morgante presents itself in a cozy and discreet atmosphere.

Gianfranco Morgante has a clear idea in his mind: making the space a place where “things happen”, especially where creativity rises. This engaging spirit is well-accompanied by a cocktail list that will satisfy all your requests: besides the 150 types of wine and liquor, the bartender’s talent won’t let you down!

Simplicity and quality is one of your favourite pair? Well, this is the perfect place!


Alzaia Naviglio Grande 12

Cocktail Bar sui Navigli

Do you like tasting a little bit of everything, but your favourite drink is gin based?
GinO12 is located in the Officina 12 restaurant and we couldn’t forget to suggest you this place: it’s the first gin bar in the city!

With more than 70 different types of gin, coming from all over the world, the barman Silvio Faraone has compiled a list of 16 cocktails, that changes month by month.

Are you curious about the gin? Don’t hesitate to ask: Gino will be able to respond to all your questions, while you’re sipping your drink at the bar or in the beautiful little courtyard.


MAG Cafè
Ripa di Porta Ticinese 43

Cocktail Bar sui navigli

One of the most appreciated cocktail bars on the Navigli, Mag Cafè offers a comfortable atmosphere with blues and jazz music playing in the background. Born in 2011 thanks to Flavio Angiolillo and Marco Russo, the place presents itself as a kind of Parisian literary cafè, a cultural space where to find classic and original cocktails, carefully prepared.

A nice bar not only to stop for a little while, but also to have a unique and lovely experience, which allows you to travel to another époque!


Via Angelo Fumagalli, 1

Cocktail bar navigli

Born in 2002, Rita has won the heart of the tourists and citizens quickly.
The cocktail list is rich and full in stories to tell, but what is especially impressive is the quality of the ingredients: fresh, natural, valued – ingredients, always engaging!

Are you looking for a welcoming and young place where to taste an excellent cocktail?
Stop by Rita&Cocktails and get a table, or ask for a drink directly at the counter, which is now shaped like the letter G in order to make your stay more comfortable!


Via Corsico 12

Cocktail bar sui navigli

We’ll leave you with an unusual pub: Ugo, with its welcoming living room in a French-bistrot style, a vintage inspired menu and its slogan “there can’t be a good life where there isn’t a good way to drink”.

Excellent labels of wine and spirits, creative cocktails for a very peculiar place. For those who love the old-style, it cannot be missed!


Milanese nights open themselves up to plenty of possibilities. Now you’ll have to choose: Milan by night will have no more secrets for you!