The best libraries in Milan

Also in summer, Milan has a fervent cultural activity.  If during your stay at Residenza Ascanio Sforza you want to spend a different afternoon – and enjoy a moment of coolness – why don’t choose one of the places that belong to the history of the city?  Today we’re going to tell you about the best libraries in Milan!


Corso di Porta Vittoria 6

The best libraries in Milan

Let’s start with biblioteca Centrale Comunale, (the famous Sormani) located in the ancient namesake Palace, that will surprise you for the wide amount of books, periodicals and audiovisuals.
The ideal place where to spent a relaxing afternoon with the opportunity to join a lecture in the garden, located at the back of the palace!

We’d like to inform you that until July 13th the third edition of Sormani D’estate will take place in the library: eight appointments that will let you find out the most interesting publishing news. Not only books: the exposition will be enriched by the presence of actors and musicians!


Via Brera, 28

The best libraries in Milan

A library full of history, located in one of the most charming areas of the city. Its establishment dates back to 1778 when Carlo Bianconi, the Secretary, began to pick up books, engravings and prints. Since then it’s been obvious the importance of a well-supplied art library which is now implemented thanks to more recent investments.

The building provides also new rooms where a lot of archive material is kept; in the basement, there is the section dedicated to the contemporary art.

A really suggestive place where you can commit yourself to art or history readings, or only enjoy the architectural beauties of the building.


Via Brera 28

The best libraries in Milan

Speaking about the area of Brera, we include among the best libraries of Milan also the Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense. Its rooms are imbued with history: the library was born when the State congregation of Lombardy donated it to the son of the empress Maria Teresa of Austria!
She was the one who, after the consideration that in Milan there wasn’t a library for public use, opened it to the community in 1786 at Palazzo del Collegio Gesuitico in Brera.

Then, the Braidense took the title of “Nazionale” in 1880, recognizing it as a library of general nature, supplied with books in different areas of interest.
Let yourself be impressed by the prosperity of its archive and by the enchanting reading room!


Piazza Pio XI, 2

The best libraries in Milan

Established in 1607 on archbishop Federico Borromeo’s command, today is a little Milanese treasure known all over the world.

Persuaded by the idea that “books are friends that can enrich us whenever we want” (words by the cardinal Agostino Valier), Federico decided to pick up a wide amount of manuscripts with the main works by the most known scientists and scholars at that time.

Little curiosity: the story of its building reflects the will of transforming Milan into a “second” Rome.

We suggest you to visit the library and find out also the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, the first art museum open to the community!


Via San Domenico Savio, 3

The best libraries in Milan

If you’re looking for an experience different from the usual day spent among books, why don’t visit the Biblioteca Chiesa Rossa?

Located in a typical 17th century farmhouse in Lombardy, the library has large glass windows and a kind of architecture that has been preserved similar to the original one.

The inside building is a union of tradition and modernity; there is also a space dedicated to children and young people.

The ideal place to spend a summer afternoon of relaxation and literature!


The places where to satisfy your artistic, historical and literary curiosities are many and all of them are easily reachable from the Residenza Ascanio Sforza. We wish you a good reading!