Travel Hacks: Where to taste the typical milanese dishes

In a city like Milan, where you can find a wide variety of restaurants to suit all tastes and genres, a question raises spontaneously: where can you find restaurants to enjoy the great classics, traditional or revisited, of the Milanese cuisine?


More than a restaurant, Contraste looks like a House. Stucco on the walls, high ceilings, design furniture, well spaced tables and really nice atmosphere. The restaurant chef Matias Perdomo has already done a lot to talk about himself.

A doorphone on the street, then the entrance into a courtyard in an “old Milan” style on which a show-room set up with ten tables and a around thirty covers overlooks. An open kitchen and a small keyhole on the door where you can peek at the chef’s job. The table welcomes dishes in which the traditional flavors are revisited in their shapes and aspects, always ready to amaze the guest.

Do you have to impress customers or your colleagues? This is the right place, just a 10-minute walk from the Residenza Ascanio Sforza, where you can enjoy a wonderful dinner!



After a long day at work are you tired and don’t feel like crossing the whole Milan? Two steps away from your apartment you cannot miss a dinner out of the ordinary at the Sadler restaurant.

Confirmed for this year its two Michelin stars thanks to the renowned chef Claudio Sadler who, with his accurate and creative cuisine, focuses on the traditions of the Italian regional cuisine, reinvented from time to time according to his own personality and love for innovation.

The same innovation is also reflected in his explorations used during the cooking that are always at the forefront and in continuous modernization. A fine cuisine and looked after in its detail, where the dishes are beautiful to be looked at and delicious to taste.


Al Pont de Ferr

Wooden tables, paper placemats and a buzz that gradually raises. A place which may seem like a normal rustic restaurant will make you immediately change your mind.

Of the tavern that used to be, today only the shell has remained, thanks to the chef Vittorio Fusari who, since 2015, has been bringing onto the Navigli an approach to a cuisine that starts from the heart, that knows how to surprise for its innovative combinations.

The restaurant uses ingredients of small producers where organic raw materials, sustainability, respect for the environment and animal welfare are the priorities.



Trattoria Madonnina

Do you need to have quick lunch, near to your apartment and you don’t know where to go? You’ve found the right place! The Trattoria Madonnina is famous for its Lombard cuisine in all its shades, the place for spending time in a country tavern where all stopped in the ’60s in an atmosphere that is now hard to find, especially in the streets of Milan.

The walls are filled with references to the history of the city and, at the old-style counter, while going out, you always feel like getting a digestive. The traditional dishes are cooked as if you were at home: here the simplicity is the king.


Alzaia 26

Characteristic bar on the Navigli with a typical Milanese cuisine, away from the current trend for the ethnic cuisine at all costs, the restaurantAlzaia 26 is characterized by a romantic and refined atmosphere, made even more interesting by the spectacular wood ceiling with visible beams present in two of the three rooms.

With the arrival of the good season, the small tables on the pavement furnished with red and white-checked tablecloths are a destination to conquer. Famous for its healthy and creative cuisine, it has been able to impose his “slow food” philosophy to offer its customers a haven of peace and serenity in the heart of Milan.

The Milanese risotto with ossobuco never disappoints: a real specialty. What are you waiting for to make a jump?


El Brellin

Walking alongside the Navigli have you peeked at a restaurant located along the famous Vicolo dei Lavandai, but you have never entered? this is your chance! You can enter a 1700 house and find yourself in a warm space with an atmosphere of yesteryear.

The kitchen ofEl Brellin combines typical Milanese specialties with personal reinterpretations of traditional Lombard recipes and other dishes, in line with the evolution of taste and the needs of an international clientele.

The restaurant is suitable for various types of events: corporate but also informal lunches and dinners and press conferences. Advice by real experts: If you go for dinner, you cannot finish the evening without some cocktails in one of the many bars in the area.



Mica – Michetteria Milanese

Do you have little time to lunch and can’t sit comfortably at the table, but don’t want to give up the Milanese tradition?

There is a place two steps away from the Residenza Ascanio Sforza for you! A place where you can rediscover a dish that seems to have disappeared from bakeries, Mica-Michetteria Milanese has put the famous michetta at the centre of its proposal.

Made on the base of an exclusive recipe, the michetta can be found with different fillings for all tastes. Each month a different chef interprets the michetta: the first is signed by the chef Roberto Valbuzzi with roast pork loin, caramelized onions, asparagus and brie sauce. Do you like that idea? Go and try it!



The Residenza Ascanio Sforza, thanks to its strategic position, is a few minute walk from all these good restaurants. So in addition to a tasty meal, you can have a beautiful and healthy walk to enjoy the wonderful scenery and digest your meal. What do you want more?

If you have already your mouth watering, all you have to do is to pick up the phone and reserve a table for you, your friends or your colleagues. Enjoy your meal!