Coworking spaces in Milan

If you are always traveling and you no longer know what an office is, you can’t have heard not about coworking yet: they’re spaces that will make you understand the importance of working, even away from home, in a really inspiring place, in contact with experts who will share with you a really unusual and very innovative space.


IF: Idea Factory.

Considered a professional and creative environment, Idea Factory, mainly addressed to the people dealing with digital creativity, marketing and photography, is a place capable of stimulating your mind thanks to its custom-made spaces to work in peace. Equipped with private offices, meeting rooms, photographic studios and a dining area, it is a perfect place to combine work with moments of relaxation.

Just a few steps from your apartment you can find a new way of conceiving the world of work and knowing people that, although are not engaged in your same profession, can give you advice on your future projects.


Piano C.

If you think that new-mothers can’t conciliate work and family, this place will make you completely change your mind. Born in 2013, Piano C is a place designed for mothers (and also dads) who want to start to resume their work after a period of absence without renouncing to take care of their child during the day. There are several paths for the reintegration: Bridge to work, Back to work and Rework.

Inside, the space offers the Cobaby service, a playground managed by experts, where you can leave your children without time constraints. Social projects aimed at promoting the employment of women can’t miss thanks also to the several professional courses organized for the occasion.

You can find Piano C in via Simone d’Orsenigo 18, at only 12 minutes drive from the Residenza.


Talent Garden.

Suitable for those who work in the digital world, Talent Garden in via Calabiana is a campus where creativity is definitely the protagonist. A space of 8.500 square meters where you can focus on your work thanks to the numerous offices, laboratories, 3D printers and laser cutting machines, but also enjoy some relaxing time in coffee areas, brainstorming rooms and a cinema corner.

Inside you can also find the TAG Innovation School, a school founded with the aim of training young people who want to make the digital communication their profession for the future.


Impact Hub Milano.

Presented as a certificated incubator of startups that pays homage to the great themes of innovation and social entrepreneurship, Impact Hub is a place where you can meet people, even very different among them, sharing the objective of having a positive impact on Milan and, thinking big, on the world.

The space, which offers itself as a huge openspace, has rooms for incubated startups, event halls, a kitchen, a gym and a remarkable garden of 1.000 square meters of great inspiration for developing and identifying new opportunities. Incubation and acceleration programs, and events with special guests don’t lack. A place unique in its genre which you can find in via Aosta 4.



Born thanks to the initiative by Enter, the historic Milanese Internet Service Provider, Login, in via Stefanardo da Vimercate, is dedicated to professionals and executives of small and medium sized businesses which want to share a location, in an innovative environment, together with other experts in the field.

Thanks to your monthly subscription, you can also participate in the Log.Ed, courses organized by the establishment to keep the workers updated with the last trends in the field of technology. If you happen a time of blackout, you can go out in the garden and challenge your colleagues at the small billiards table. 


Base Milano.

Just at 10 minutes walk from your apartment you can find a place considered to be the new cultural hub in MilanBase Milano, thanks to its 6.000 square meters disposed on two plans, has managed to become a true meeting point for the exchange of ideas and their development. On the ground floor you can find a cafeteria, with a kitchen, where you can also organize business lunches, a lounge area (also suitable for students who want to study in a really stimulating place) and a bookshop. There is also an auditorium and an exhibition area, suitable for organising exhibitions, events and conferences.

Upstairs there is a space for coworking, dedicated to workers in the field of design, culture and technology. If you need to organize seminars or meetings, the space also offers meeting rooms to talk in privacy.


For more information on coworking spaces in Milan, please don’t hesitate to ask us at the Reception, we will be happy to give you all the information you need.