Summer evenings in Milan

As June goes forward, days are even hotter and in order to feel better we have to wait for the sunset to lap the city and the air to become finally sparkling.

If you’re staying in Residenza Ascanio Sforza during this period and don’t know how to spend your summer evenings in Milan, don’t worry: the city has plenty of activities to propose and we’ve chosen some of them for you in which to participate all summer long!



Summer evenings in Milan

After a day spent at office, studying or around the city, do you like spending the evening with a good movie? The Highline Galleria in Milan, among its different opportunities, proposes a unique experience: cinema on the rooftops of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele!

The film festival has on the schedule, from 6th May to 30th September, a selection of cult movies of the past twenty years. Milan’s magic view from the top, its lights and the pleasure of a great feature film won’t disappoint you.

You only have to buy the ticket, get on the gallery’s rooftop and… enjoy the show!



Summer evenings in Milan

Milan’s trams, from the most vintage to the current ones, are considered among the most used means of transport to move through the city.

If we said to you that a tram may turn into a romantic restaurant, would you believe it? We’re not kidding: ATMosfera is the green-coloured tram restaurant that will make you spend a beautiful evening.

Tasteful menus, made of meat or fish or vegetarian food, the sophisticated atmosphere and the courtesy of the staff will be the background of a dinner which is “itinerant” in every way. Beside its retro style that will make you travel to another time period, the tram will take you slowly across the city centre and some of the best corners in Milan: from via Dante to Piazza XXIV Maggio, from Porta Genova and Porta Venezia till coming back to the start point, in Piazza Castello.

A can’t-be-missed occasion to have a lovely and romantic summer evening in Milan!



Speaking of delicious food, have you already taken advantage of the famous Milanese happy hour?

Across the city there are several places where to have beautiful time sipping cocktails with friends. However, the beauty of Milan during warm season is an added value that can’t be ignored: this is the reason why we would like to point out two ideal places for summer evenings.

Vista Darsena, on viale Gabriele D’Annunzio, is easy to be reached from the Residenza Ascanio Sforza and it will give you a happy hour over the water; it’s the perfect place to enjoy the sunset on the Navigli!

summer evenings in Milan


Terrazza Aperol has become popular lately. Located in Piazza Duomo, it is known because of being a meeting point for young but also for people from the business world who, after all day at office, don’t want to lose the lovely evening breeze with a view on the Duomo. The best place to have a spritz, isn’t it?

summer evenings in Milan



Summer evenings in Milan

Even if holidays are coming, it’s possible to keep yourself updated about the cultural activities in Milan: from 9th June it’s started the Estate Sforzesca 2017, which will continue until 27th August.

The schedule, promoted by the Comune Milano Cultura, provides for 70 evening shows on stage at the Cortile delle Armi in the Castello Sforzesco. Everybody will be satisfied: classic, jazz and pop music concerts, dance and theatre shows.

You only have to look through the schedule and pick your favourite appointments: the suggestive location of the castle and the night sky will offer you an unforgettable evening.


Don’t let the high temperature scare you: the Residenza Ascanio Sforza is the ideal foothold for your summer evenings, full of events!